ICOM students’ experience with Muslims in Tech

In 2023, we were privileged enough to work with the Islamic College of Melbourne (ICOM) and deliver our Careers of the Future program. This program is tailored to high-school students with a focus on giving students exposure to real-life insights and work experience.

We could continue to talk about the benefits of the program ourselves, but we’ve chosen to let the Careers Coordinator at ICOM tell you his and the students’ experience:

“ICOM students involvement with the Muslims in Tech program experienced significant benefits from the initiative, gaining valuable insights into the future landscape of the tech industry and the reasons to consider a career in tech. Their response to the engagement was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing newfound enthusiasm for pursuing tech-related professions. The program successfully demystified the industry, providing them with a clearer understanding of the prospects available and the possible impression they could make.

Working with Muslims in Tech was a collaborative and educational experience for the students and staff. The mentors and industry professionals involved with Muslims in Tech provided valuable guidance, sharing their experiences and know-how to help students navigate the complexities of the tech world. The inclusive and supportive environment fostered a sense of community, encouraging students to explore their interests and aspirations within the field.

Based on the positive interactions with students that were observed, I would highly recommend Muslims in Tech’s Careers of the Future program to others. The program not only prepares students with essential knowledge about the tech industry but also fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment. By offering valuable mentorship and exposure to real-world scenarios, the program effectively prepares students for the challenges and opportunities they may encounter in their future tech careers.”

Mr M. Haroun
Careers Coordinator
Islamic College of Melbourne

Below are snapshots taken from the ICOM Careers Expo. Several industry professionals and members of our community spoke to the students about their experience in tech:

muslims in tech
muslims in tech
muslims in tech

If you have questions/queries about our Careers of the Future program for your schools, reach out to rashid@muslimsintech.org