ICOM students’ experience with Muslims in Tech

In 2023, we were privileged enough to work with the Islamic College of Melbourne (ICOM) and deliver our Careers of the Future program. This program is tailored to high-school students with a focus on giving students exposure to real-life insights and work experience. We could continue to talk about the benefits of the program ourselves, but we’ve chosen to let the Careers Coordinator at ICOM tell you his and the students’ experience: “ICOM students involvement with the Muslims in Tech program experienced significant benefits from the initiative, gaining valuable insights into the future landscape of the tech industry and the reasons to consider a career in tech. Their response to the engagement was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing newfound enthusiasm for pursuing tech-related professions. The program successfully demystified the industry, providing them with a clearer understanding of the prospects available and the possible impression they could make. Working with Muslims…Continue readingICOM students’ experience with Muslims in Tech

Muslims in Tech Podcast: Episode 1 takeaways

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BlockChain in Halal Food Industry

What is Halal? Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. In reference to food, it is the dietary standard, as prescribed in the Qur’an (the Muslim scripture). The opposite of halal is haram, which means unlawful or prohibited. These terms are commonly used in relation to food products, meat products, cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and food ingredients. Foods containing ingredients such as gelatin, enzymes, emulsifiers, and flavors are questionable because the origin of these ingredients is not known. In the meat and poultry food industry, animals such as cows, veal, lamb, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks, bison, etc., are considered halal, but they must be prepared according to Islamic laws in order for their meat to be suitable for consumption. Fish and seafood (with the exception of crocodiles, alligators, and frogs) are generally acceptable for Muslims. The preparation of the fish or seafood should not include alcohol (i.e.…Continue readingBlockChain in Halal Food Industry

“Hi, this is Jack from Delstar, you have unauthorized connections to your computer..”​

I just got off the phone with yet another scammer claiming to be from a very prominent Australian network company. I usually hang them up right away out of annoyance, but I decided to let this one continue to talk to me out of intrigue as to how his scam runs. To be honest, it made my blood boil. This little article is to expose the scam, and for the less technical audience, to understand the actual truth behind it – as the only thing these con-artists take advantage off is our lack of understanding regarding how computers and networking works. I will not let that happen on my watch. Let’s go step by step through the scam up to just before the point where they try to gain complete access to our computer, and see how they twist and turn very normal computer behaviour into something that looks suspicious,…Continue reading“Hi, this is Jack from Delstar, you have unauthorized connections to your computer..”​

Surviving Abroad

Pursuing knowledge and exploring Australia from a non-Australian perspective. An article for Muslims in Tech Melbourne. “Do not allow your heart to take pleasure with the praises of people, nor be saddened by their condemnation“ – Imam Al Ghazali The Australian Hopes and Dreams As an international student studying in Australia, I was excited to undergo my course in Bachelor of Computer Science at a reputable university in Melbourne, as they are known for their balance of practical and theoretical approach for teaching. The excitement of gaining the knowledge for building cutting edge tech solutions and meeting other fellow aspiring Software Engineers. Coming from a developing country, it is a privilege to learn about how the software industry innovates and the pace of adoption for newer technologies in a first-world country. It is something that I would love to bring back and hopefully accelerate the growth in tech for the…Continue readingSurviving Abroad